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Covid-19 & Your Appraisal

How are we handling appraisals with adherence to local health authority requests regarding Covid-19?

At Godfrey Appraisals, we take the health and safety of home owners and our appraisal staff very seriously.
With this in mind, we have created two options to better serve the community.

Option #1

With your permission, we can still perform on site interior and exterior inspections, take the required photographs, and make the appropriate notes to gather the required information to complete the appraisal. 

For this type of full inspection we have the following requirements:

  • Our appraisers will wear masks and gloves during the inspection.

  • We request that all occupants wear face masks during the inspection.

  • We request that all doors and closet doors be opened and that all interior lights be turned on. This is to minimize contact points and to facilitate photo gathering.

  • We request that clear access be made available to the hot water tank, furnace, and the main breaker panel.

We will minimize our inspection time as much as possible and then ask you a few questions to complete the on site inspection.

The balance of the inspection will be outdoors which will involve measuring the building(s) and taking exterior photographs.

This will conclude the inspection part of the appraisal.

Option #2

We are asking you, the customer, to participate in the appraisal process as an alternative to the Appraiser entering your home for an interior inspection. Currently, the exterior inspection must still be performed by the Appraiser.

Once this option has been determined to be the right choice for you we will send 2 documents by email to assist you in the information gathering process.

Once completed, the email address for submitting your photos and interior descriptions will be:

  • You will be required to take the photos of your home as outlined in the “Guidance for Taking Photos” section.

  • You will be required to list any updated and improvements made to the home and property as outlined in the “Updates and Improvements” section.

  • You will then send all photos and the “Updates and Improvements” PDF file to the email address provided above.

Please Note: Due to the size restrictions on emails you may be required to reduce the photo size or send multiple emails as necessary.

Once the Appraiser has completed the exterior inspection of the property and has received the email as
provided by the homeowner with the required photos and PDF file he will call you and go over the interior
inspection to ensure all required information has been gathered.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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